Discover APRAA

We’re the APRAA Association whose goal is to save the endangered Andalusian donkey, “Las Bellotas”.
APRAA undertakes taking care of the donkeys from Las Bellotas, refuge of Andalusian donkey accordingly to its possibilities.
This non-profit association was established on 21st March 2013 with the name “APRAA-Las Bellotas” (onwards APRAA), with the registration numer 8586 with its own legal status and and full capacity to act, subject to a legal regime 1/2002 and the implementing of this law from March 22nd,  which regulates the Right of Association, and the other regulations in force to be applied.

APRAA‘s goals:

  • Protect the cultural, social and environmental heritage that are related to the endangered Andalusian donkey.
  • Promote breeding, social, turistic and therapeutic use of this donkey.
  • Promote the knowledge about Andalusian donkey and its agrarian, cultural and social value.
  • Promote the communication and discussions within different professional and social sectors, as well as in the public administration.

To reach these goals APRAA organizes the following activities:

  •     It creates a refuge, animal breeding, zoo or any other unit established by the lay, where a minimum of breeding animals can be kept to ensure the continuity of the species.
  • It undertakes studies to determinate Andalusian donkey functions in the past, in the present and in the future.
  • It publicizes its fame through magazines, guided tours, editing materials etc.
  • It takes part of every project related to this animal.